Co-President    Anne Bartol and Laurie Rector
VP-Moorlands  OPEN
VP-Arrowhead    Erin Person
VP-Woodmoor    Jill Nelson
Secretary    Ahmed Sami
Treasurer    Amy Smith
Member at Large    Cinnamon Hillyard
Member at Large    Jen McInerney


Auction  Jen McInerney and David Bennett
Career Day  
Laurie Rector and Sandy Hayes
Caring Correspond
Community Service    OPEN
Directory  OPEN
8th Grade Party    Tammy Monson and Lisa Barrios
E-mail Highlights Newsletter Anne Bartol
E Prep (Emergency Prep)    Ember Fry
Field Day   OPEN
Fundraising/Pass the Hat    OPEN
Grants  Erin Person, Jill Nelson, and Helen Tudor
Health and Prevention    Susan Fleenor
Honor Society Induction  OPEN
Legislation    Sandy Hayes
Library    Keri Hollenbeck
Membership    Grace Jurado
Natural Leaders Liaison   OPEN
Parent Partners   Lisa Mackey
Popcorn   Lisa Mackey
Reflections   Wendy Reynolds
Special Education Liaison    OPEN
Staff Appreciation   Melissa Bennett 
Sunshine Committee    OPEN
Volunteer Coordinators    Jen Goodner
Website    Angela Cummings