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Every 100 PTSA Members gives us
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First and foremost, your annual PTSA membership strengthens the PTSA’s ability to drive state legislative issues that impact our children and their education such as smaller class sizes and increased state funding. The membership fee ($15 per individual or $25 per dual/family, $50 per patron, or $10 staff) goes towards supporting the PTSA advocacy infrastructure at the council, region, and state PTA levels.

Locally at Northshore Middle School, being a PTSA member provides you an opportunity to get to know the larger community around you. It also allows you to support an organization that raises money to provide educational enrichment for our students.

Volunteering to work with our Northshore Middle School PTSA requires you to be a member; however, being a member does not require you to volunteer or attend meetings.

Help us grow our members and strengthen our voting power!

Sign up online today using the online form below or download and print the NMS membership form! You may also sponsor a teacher or staff member, or sign up a friend or a relative.



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