Northshore Middle School PTSA Programs

Parent Partners

Parent Partners help out by being a positive and visible presence in the cafeteria during lunch. Please consider working alongside another parent and a NMS staff member with the task of ensuring a positive lunch room experience. We’ll work with your available schedule and are willing to team parents together upon request!

Popcorn Fridays

A student incentive program managed by parent volunteers. Teachers and Staff handout “Titan Cards” to students during the week that students can redeem for popcorn on Fridays.


A PTSA Library “Chair” coordinates library helpers. Usually that person works directly with the librarian to coordinate a schedule and then sounds out requests for volunteers. The library needs parents to assist the librarian, provide lunchtime supervision, shelve and cover books, and other creative projects. Shifts are every other week for two hours.

Reflections Art Program

This is a national PTA Arts’ program. The PTSA and school staff work together to promote student participation in a themed and judged presentation of artwork in many different mediums. A Reflections Art chair helps distribute information, solicits judges, organizes the awards ceremony, and publicizes participants and winners.

Career and How-Do-I-Get-There Day

Parents and members of the community come together to present the students with insight and ideas about potential career paths. Presentations are made in the classrooms, while booths are manned in the cafeteria in a more “fair” like format…perfecrt for students to approach with questions and engage in discussion.

Staff Appreciation

Our time to physically show our gratitude to all the wonderful staff members that we entrust our students to so much of year. We schedule and plan different events and luncheons throughout the year.

Health and Prevention

We provide hand sanitizer and Kleenex for teacher’s classrooms and common areas, protein bars and juice for the nurse’s office for students who are having a blood sugar crash, and products for the girl’s locker room. These are expenses that teachers and staff usually cover out of their own pockets. We are currently working on a campaign to introduce the message of positive body image into the girl’s locker room. We are excited to see what a wonderful impact this can make in the lives of our daughters!

Honor Society Induction

The NMS PTSA has the privilege of providing the food and drinks for approximately 40-50 Honor Society students! We typically have one volunteer coordinate with the Honor Society on the preparations for food and drinks for the Induction, and then four additional volunteers to serve the evening of the Honor Society ceremony. Parents of Honor Society students are able to work together to serve and watch their child during the induction!

E Prep

The emergency supply shed is kept up-to-date and stocked. There are several potential projects such as working with the principal in acquiring improved radio devices for emergency situations.

Caring Corresepondence

A wonderful service where PTSA volunteers send cards, flowers, and other gifts to members of the Northshore community that are experiencing loss or other difficult moments in life.

Field Day

End of the year celebration! Volunteer parents staff various stations around the school grounds that encourage physical activity and fun for our students. One of the most popular events at the school during the year!

Special Needs

PTSA parents come into the school and assist staff who work with our special needs students. Contribution with a variety of activities and tasks make a substantial positive difference in the lives of our special needs students and teachers.

School Directory

A great resource for parents and students! The directory includes students and parent names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.